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勁爆體育國際足球:日前,威爾斯在出戰中國盃決賽中0比1不敵烏拉圭,但頭號球星G 巴利認為球隊配得上更多。 「這不是我們想要的結果,我


    中文名稱 G.巴利
    外文名稱 Gareth Bale
    所屬球會 皇家馬德里
    位置 (簡) 前鋒
    出生日期 1989年7月16日
    國籍 威爾斯
    身高 183cm
    加盟日期 2013年9月2日
    前度球會 熱刺
    轉會費 1億歐元
    曾效力球會 修鹹頓、修鹹頓青年軍
Madden Sports International Football: Recently, Wales had lost to Uruguay 0-1 in the China Cup finals, but the number one star G. Bally believes the team deserves more.
"This is not the result we want. We have a chance, but the goalkeeper has made a wonderful save."
"Ultimately we were disappointed. We could have won the game."
"But it's important for the new coach to get involved. Everyone settles and understands his philosophy. I think this will lay a good foundation for our future. I'm sure we will win a lot of games," said G. Barry. .
Chinese name G.Bally
Foreign name Gareth Bale
Affiliated club Real Madrid
Location (Simplified) Forward
Date of birth July 16, 1989
Nationality Wells
Height 183cm
Date of joining September 2, 2013
Former pitch club Tottenham
Transfer fee 100 million euros
Has played for clubs

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