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In the first battle against Kyrgyzstan, the national football should have more confidence in the encounter After all, opponents even naturalized players are "foreign aid " who can only play in the amateur league, and there is no experience in the AFC

Madden Sports Network 2019 Asian Cup: A few days ago, after Doha lost to host Qatar 0-1, Kyrgyzstan's Russian coach Klestinen announced the final list of 23 people in the Asian Cup. The list is still centered on four naturalized players. Compared with the previous pre-selected big list, the excluded people are basically unknown.

Similar to the Philippine national team, 9 people from the local giants of the AFC Champions League in recent years, Kyrgyzstan also has nine players from the domestic top team Bishkek market.

The advantage of a large proportion of the international team from the domestic champion team is that the current national team coach Klestinen is also the coach of this domestic champion team. At the same time, given the narrow territory of Kyrgyzstan and the fact that resources are almost concentrated in the capital Bishkek, the composition of the national team is also inseparable. The market, Snow Leopard and Pioneer 3 teams occupy 14 players, and the other 9 are from overseas leagues, showing monopoly. Of course, Kyrgyzstan is still the main force framework for returnees and naturalized players.

The four naturalized players of this team are in the third line. The front line is Lukes playing in Germany. The midfielder is Bernhardt playing in the Polish league. The defense is Meyer who also plays in Germany, and Nowadays, Ghana's naturalized player Tagoy can only be mixed in the amateur Bangladesh League. These four players form the backbone of the Central Asian White Eagles, and are complemented by other returnees.

Murzayev, who has performed well in the near future, has entered the final list, including the best-performing Saginbayev. The top scorer of the Bishkek market, scored 3 goals in the last 6 national team matches, and Zellanukin, who just returned from the Kazakh league to join the Snow Leopard team.

Compared with the Philippines, the problem of naturalization and foreign players in Kyrgyzstan lies in the general strength. Murzayev can only be mixed in the Turkish league in the amateur level, and the other two Meyer and Lukes are now only able to play in the regional leagues in Germany. The main defender Tagoy and midfielder Duy Saubekov are also in the amateur nature of the Bangladesh League. This is the fundamental reason why Kyrgyz has made great progress in recent years when it can face the top two teams in Asia.

In contrast, the most valuable returnee in the team is the guard of the Russian Super League. However, Kechin, where Kichin is located, is now hard-scoring. Although he is the main defender, he can contribute to the defense and can see the number of goals lost.

Kyrgyzstan's main 541 formation, Lukes, the midfielder led by captain Bernhard, the defense is from Ghana naturalized defender Tagoy. The team's three warm-up matches for the Asian Cup won Jordan in the first game on December 20 and lost to Qatar in a 0-1 defeat.

The same opponent, the Chinese team just 1-1 draw with Jordan, plus the previous two teams have warmed up with Syria, the Chinese team's performance is also leading, meaning that at least in the previous preparations, the Chinese team is still slightly better than the Central Asian White Hawk The legion is better.

After losing to Qatar last week, on December 31, Kyrgyz arranged a warm-up match with Palestine in Qatar, which will also be the final warm-up of Central Asia's "White Eagles" before the Asian Cup. Because the Chinese team will face Kyrgyz in the first round of the Asian Cup, the nearest warm-up match should get relevant information as much as possible.

Another opponent, the Philippines, has just started training. There is only one warm-up match before the Asian Cup. In view of the fact that the Asian Cup and the 3 best-performing teams can enter the knockout round, the Chinese team only needs to win 1 win and 1 draw in the group stage to get the right to qualify. For the national football team, the biggest advantage is that the opponents in the group match are weak and strong. First, the Kyrgyzstan with the weakest strength against the Kyrgyzstan, followed by the Philippines, and finally the South Korea that may have already qualified.

In the first battle against Kyrgyzstan, the national football should have more confidence in the encounter. After all, opponents even naturalized players are "foreign aid" who can only play in the amateur league, and there is no experience in the AFC.

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